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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 16, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm sam brock. coming up next on "today in the bay" a speed skating letdown in sochi. americans looking for gold end up with nothing. team usa tried to revamp its strategy. we'll take a look. plus she's declared herself ready to go. san jose's pleolina edmonds arrives in sochi. we'll hear directly from the figure skater. we'll let you know how long this much-needed sprinkling will last. this is "today in the day." 7:00 on your saturday morning. we start with this live image from san francisco, a very
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inviting image. good saturday morning, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock in for kris sanchez. some wet weather has rinsed some parts of the bay area on tap for your sunday. let's check in with rob mayeda with a look at your forecast. >> right now we're seeing clearing skies looking over towards san francisco right now. 51 degrees as the moon sets off to the west of san francisco, but still leftover moisture, more so in the south bay. you've got cloudy skies around san jose, also 51 degrees and still a few sprinkles around the hilltops east of downtown san jose. our overnight rainfall totals generally less than 0.05 of an inch of rain. it was enough to wet the ground at times as we show you around san jose down towards los gatos. most of the action has moved on. the bay area drying out. still some snow showers up toward the sierra, especially from highway 50 south. that too will begin to shut down as we look for the next opportunity of seeing some rain. and it looks like it's going to approach the north bay. as we go through the week we'll
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have a full look at the forecast coming your way a few minutes from now. sam. >> thank you so much, rob. a week and a half into the winter games and the contenders and pretenders are starting to take shape. saturday's competitions were unfortunately not so glorious for the u.s. we failed to even medal on the slopes. then our athletes switched suits, but for the u.s. speed skating team, the results were no different. not a single skater on the podium. brian hansen had the best finish for the u.s. in the 1500 meter race. he placed seventh. there were high hopes for shani davis who won silver in this event the last two olympics. he finished 11th. >> it's not like i'm a young pup anymore, i'm 31. but, you know, there's a will, there's a way, man. i love speed skating and i definitely feel like there's a lot more i can do better than what i did. it's just unfortunate that it's a possibility that i'll have to wait four years to do something. >> some are calling day ten a disaster for team usa.
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that's because the u.s. has traditionally won more winter olympic medals in speed skating than in any other sports. in the men's 1,000 meter race, russia won gold and silver. j.r. celski wiped out altogether, crashing during the quarterfinals. now, another shutout as well, this one on the mountain for the women's alpine ski team. austria captured the gold and bronze medals, while germany grabbed silver in the super g race. julia mancuso who lives and trains in tahoe placed eighth. according to mancuso, the weather did not exactly help her cause. >> the snow is just melting and it's really soft. if you miss the line, it's really tough to get the really long skis to turn back around and get you back online. >> mancuso has already won bronze in the super combined. overall 18 athletes failed to complete the super g race, including one american. that is out of a field of 49 skiers. in more uplifting news,
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hockey fans say it's a game that won't be forgotten any time soon as team usa locked horns with russia in a contest that came to a heart-pounding finish with a shootout. >> score! team usa wins! >> and there you have it, in the eighth round of the shootout, team usa dispatched their russian counterparts. before that a power play goal by san jose sharks own joe pavelski gave team usa the lead before russia tied things pack up. fans in stanley's sports bar in san jose say they're not surprised by the outcome, especially with pavelski on the ice. >> they have got pavelski so of course they'll do well. >> pavelski has been unreal. he's been scoring goals, on fire, completely on fire. >> looking ahead now, hockey fans have high hopes for pavelski and team usa. the 3-2 victory over russia puts them in good position to win their group and advance to the
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medal round quarterfinals. >> anything less than gold is -- will be really disappointing. >> here's what you need to keep in mind now. to win their group and get a bye into the medal round kwr finals. team usa needs to beat slovenia for their third straight win today. we'll have more information and an update on that game. sticking with the theme of triumphant u.s. athletes, they swept the slopestyle competition and now three americans are on the cover of the cereal box. joss christensen tweeted this photo of himself and his teammates, gus kenworthy and nick goepper today. looking good with their new shiny olympic medal the. san jose native polina edmunds says she is ready to go. she has arrived in sochi. she tweeted this photo saying hello to russia. she's been training in austria leading up to the competition. she also sent along another photo of the olympic figure
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skating team. the stage is set forred munds to make her debut. >> i'm here and ready to go and super happy to be a participant in the games. i can't wait to show everyone in the crowd and the judges what i can do. >> lots of composure from the teenager. polina's first event, the short program, is on wednesday with the free skate or long program coming up on thursday. you can say up to date on what's happening in sochi 24 hours a day. just sign up for our olympic news letter and you'll get updates to your e-mail at nbc bay and click on the sochi news button and you'll be plugged in. now a developing story out of the east bay where police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a burn victim in the oakland hills. park police found the person in the parking lot on skyline boulevard, the skyline gate entrance to the park. the area is just above
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montclair. we have just learned that the person was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived onseen. the coroner is trying to figure out the victim's gender and identity. park police are teaming up with the oakland pd on the investigation. police trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing outside a brewery in hayward. officers responded around 12:30 yesterday morning. when they arrived, they found a man who had been stabbed and consequently died on scene. we're told two other stabbing victims went to the hospital on their own. police have not yet released the name of the victim. the celebration of the lunar new year continues in san francisco's chinatown today with a street fair. last night an estimated one million people gathered in san francisco for the annual chinese new year parade. this is considered to be the largest celebration of the chinese new year outside of asia and this is the year of the
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horse, naturally, which is the seventh animal in the chinese zodiac. san francisco mayor ed lee helps explain its significance. >> during those times the horse was the only thing that delivered people and goods so it has to be very dependable. this year it's a call upon all of us to be more dependable to each other. >> the parade was rain-free until the very end when celebrators saw a little bit of drizzling. today's street fair will be from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. about 500,000 people are expected to attend that two-day fair. a wave of minimum wage hikes sweeping across the country has now picked up some steam here in the east bay. hundreds of people rallied in oakland this weekend for a bump in that city's wage floor. the organizing group lift up oakland has called for an increase to $12.25 an hour which would put it on par with san francisco. oakland's minimum wage is currently at $8. lift up oakland also wants employers required to provide sick days to all workers.
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members of the group are trying to get enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot for this november. workers we speak with say the raise would help them become more independent. >> we have to get second jobs just to survive. and we don't want this -- we want this raise so we don't have to depend on state, city and federal government assistance. >> basically i don't want a handout. you know, i don't want to depend on the government. i just want to be a providing parent. >> and the group needs 35,000 signatures to launch the measure onto the november ballot. opponents say that higher wages will mean fewer jobs and higher prices as well. much more still to come on "today in the bay." up next. just when officials thought it was a tall tale, new evidence supporting a castaway's incredible story of survival that it might not be a hoax after all. we'll explain. >> surfed every day and partied every night and just on repeat. and from party boy to family man? skier and bay area legend jonny
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moseley opens up with stardom, skiing and life after olympic glory. ♪
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7:11 on this sunday morning. a live picture right now from sunol. we are going a little bucolic on you there. also a live image from downtown san francisco and the transamerica building. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. was it a contrived or candid story of survival. that's what the world wondered when a castaway washed ashore in the marshall islands just a few weeks ago. now new evidence is supporting the man's incredible tale. the university of hawaii found that jose sal vvarenga's claim consistent with the wind and ocean currents during his ordeal. he claims in late 2012 he and a friend went fishing off of the coast of southern mexico when their engine died. he managed to survive by eating sea birds, turtles and drinking his own urine. doubters claim he's too healthy for somebody who endured those
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sorts of oar deals. the olympics is of course a time for amazing performances and extreme focus. do not be fooled that there isn't partying going on as well. one bay area legend worked the party circuit like none other. raj mathai has an interview with jonny moseley. >> i am proposing to jonny moseley today when he wins the gold. i'm going home with him and we're getting married. >> reporter: if there ever was one, jonny moseley was an olympic rock star. >> go, johnny. we want to see the big, fat dinner roll. >> reporter: his stardom stretched from the moguls, to the stage of "saturday night live" and the streets of san francisco. but even rock stars grow up. >> surfed every day and partied every night and just on repeat. it was great, but after a few months, you know, you just start
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to like realize, man, this isn't really me. >> here's the mosley you don't know. 38 years old, married to his high school classmate from marin county, and the father of two boys. but for. his adult years mosley himself was a boy. >> you feel like you're just -- you know, you're kind of getting a little bit too out of control, your attitude, your partying, you know, all this stuff. and, you know, it's one thing when somebody else kind of whispers it, but when your family will just give you that one little, hey, take it easy, it's effective. >> what about your sons? they say, hey, dad, we really want to get real competitive and go on the olympic path. >> that's tough. that's not a question i'm prepared to answer at this point with regards to my kids wanting to go down that path. i mean it's -- i don't want to be hypocritical, but it's like i
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know too much already. it's like i'm jaded. i'll try to do what i felt i did, which was kind of hedge a little bit, you know. if you can. like cover your bases at least early on. make sure that you at least are thinking about the possibility that it's not going to all be like, you know, rock stardom. >> one thing we haven't talked about in your career and now usually we would ask football players this but is concussions in your sport and you personally. how many did you suffer and is there something that can be done to correct this? >> i -- one of the reasons i stopped skiing, stopped competing, i had a variety of different kind of little ones. definitely the concussions scared me the most. >> do you feel any impact now? >> i don't. i don't. i couldn't tell, i don't. i really don't feel any symptoms. you feel them like right after you have them, you know, depending on how hard you rung your bell, and it's -- what's
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interesting is people -- i had a helmet on, every concussion i had too, so it's not like they stop you from ringing your bell inside your head. >> what's a big party night for you guys now? >> yeah, exactly. it's amazing how the definition of a party changes after you get married and have kids. a big night for us is like be able to watch a niners game or giants game unabated. that's huge. >> now mosley actually is in sochi right now woorking for nb sports as a commentator for the skiing events. he's also active at squaw valley. coming up we'll transport you back to sochi where janelle wang has mastered the selfie photobomb. and the view around the bay area shows you clearing skies over san jose right now. patchy fog left behind from some rain overnight.
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we'll talk about that when we come back.
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welcome back. coming up on 7:19 on your sunday morning. you can't ask for a more picturesque shot than that. sunrise from palo alto. we also have an image of emeryville, looking out towards san francisco. if you've been following janelle wang on facebook or twitter, you've likely seen some of her pictures from the olympic games. a few in particular are getting the most attention. people are asking how is janelle capable of photobombing herself? tonight she reveals how easy it is to take these pictures. >> reporter: hello from sochi. i call it photobombing yourself but treely it's an amazing way to take some unique and beautiful panoramic pictures. no special effects, no photo shop needed. a panoramic shot with multiple
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views takes just seconds. first put the camera phone in the panoramic function. all you have to do is have your photographer frame on you and then he starts panning to the right. as soon as you're out of the shot you run around him and get back in and you've photobombed yourself. it's best to have a still background because if it's busy, the people behind you may look jumbled up. i taught my colleagues and they started beating me at my own game. i decided to go for five. took a lot of running around. okay, that didn't work, but after a few tries and people laughing you at and looking at you like you're crazy, bingo, the quintuple pano. the six has yet to be seen, but my photographer says it is possible. reporting from the sochi games, janelle wang, nbc bay area news.
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>> we also talked to the judges. it turns out that janelle did medal in photobombing. i think she got the silver or the gold. we're still working on that. you can see more of janelle's photobombs on the nbc bay area home page. click on her blog which is the upper left-hand corner. screen. we've got quite a water deficit going on so we'll gladly take some precipitation, even when it's modest. let's check in with rob mayeda. >> what fell overnight was mostly modest, less than 0.1 for most of the bay area. san jose probably has most of the low clouds that have been left over. 51 degrees. a few sprinkles off towards the east around mt. hamilton but the very golden-looking golden gate bridge, 51 degrees, mostly sunny in san francisco and a bit breezy too as we get cooler air to sweep on in. that will help clear out our skies. so the rain totals, again not that impressive. now, what's been left behind is
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moisture and patchy fog. visibilities down to a half mile in napa. livermore seeing thick fog this morning. if you're heading to gilroy, between now and 10:00 the fog will be an issue on our roadways. rain totals was enough to wet the ground at time, mostly holding off for the chinese new year parade but less than 0.1 of an inch. you can see the story throughout the bay area. a quick-moving system that did not drop much rain. a few light showers south of morgan hill down towards hollister but the action continues mainly south of highway 50 in the sierra. that is some snow which has come down enough to get us about 4 to 6 inches of fresh powder around southlake tahoe. above 6,000 feet. now, behind the system, some cooler air sweeping on in helping to clear out our skies but it's the recent rain in our wind sheltered inland valleys,
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fog the likely big concern over the next couple of days. the hour-by-hour forecast shows the clearing in the south bay. and as we head through the rest of the day just a few passing clouds, rain staying well off to the north. very likely now, unfortunately the rain could be holding off over the next few days. it looks more and more like we're not going to see rain around the bay area. mainly northern sonoma county, south bay missing out again. high pressure will build back across the west coast. that's going to send the storm track even north of eureka and crescent city. we could see temperatures as you see on the bottom on the seven-day forecast warming up towards the end of the week. upper 60s could be possible by the time we approach next friday and saturday. low 60s around the south bay with clearing skies, probably the last to clear, down towards campbell and los gatos. notice san francisco already in the sunshine, upper 50s to low 60s. into the north bay, sunny skies
7:24 am
after the patchy fog breaks up. we'll see low 60s for santa rosa, mid-60s around the tri-valley. fog likely the biggest weather-related travel problem around the bay area. we really could use more rain but just for the north way we're thinking wednesday and warming temperatures as we approach next weekend. much more still to come on "today in the bay." that's when they told us -- the words they used was there was no cure. >> they were dealt a devastating blow. their young daughter diagnosed with a terminal illness. the selfness decision that could ultimately keep other families from losing their children, next.
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there is no easy way to begin our next story. words cannot truly capture the struggle that a family goes through with the loss of a child, but this family wants to share its story. they invited our cameras into their home as they prepared for their 6-year-old daughter's
7:27 am
final days. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas shows us why in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: this home on gilroy's yorktown drive is the place where libby and tony kranz always imagined they would raise their children. never the place where they would have to watch one of them slowly die. 6-year-old jennifer lynn, the oldest their four children, has a brain tumor. dipg is what it is called. always fatal is what it is. now, close to the end, libby and tony spend their waking hours keeping jennifer comfortable, letting her know she is loved and that her pain will not be in vain. >> if i can stop another mom or another grandma or another aunt from feeling the way that i feel right now, then i will. >> reporter: six months ago, jennifer was a totally typical
7:28 am
kindergartner. until one day her left eye started turning inward. a trip to the optometrist which led to an mri, which led to a meeting with a team of doctors. >> that's when they told us the words they used was "there is no cure." >> accepting the fact they couldn't even fight to save their own daughter's life was difficult, they say. deciding to see past their loss to help others was not. a loss that, sadly, came early wednesday morning. within hours, though, the help was beginning. >> there are a lot of cells. >> reporter: months ago libby and tony had asked dr. michelle monje if donating her tumor after her death would be of benefit. they had no idea how much. >> but like this. >> reporter: it turns out that dr. monje and her team had
7:29 am
recently pioneered a way to culture cancer stem cells from dipg tumors. exactly what they are now trying to do with jennifer. >> it's really the definition of selfless to donate tissue in this way. >> reporter: if successful, scientists will have an invaluable resource in fighting a disease that has seen no advance in treatment in decades. and while too late for jennifer, for kids like her in the future, hope finally on the horizon. coming up next on "today in the bay," investigators discover more than a ton of shark fins. it is the largest bust since the ban on the illegal food first took effect. we'll show you how they tracked it down. and we'll go back to sochi as well for a preview of today's prevents. stay with us.
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about 7:32 on your sunday morning to start you off for the day. we have a live picture right now of san francisco and of course the bay bridge peeking out in the background. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock in for kris sanchez. you've likely noticed it's been damp so far this weekend. any more rain still to come? let's check your forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we saw a little light rain overnight. right now san francisco breaking out to mostly sunny skies. we'll show you san jose where with a bit of a push of some north winds this morning, some of moisture kind of pooling around the south bay in the form of some low clouds. still some mist possible around san jose or some drizzle. 51 degrees currently. in terms of those rainfall totals, not very impressive around the bay area. most locations picking up less than a 10th of an inch of rain from san francisco to san jose.
7:33 am
from moffett field to morgan hill, less than 0.05 of an inch of rain. we're not really adding to it other than the mist and drizzle near san jose. in the sierra still looking at snow showers around highway 50 but that's about to wind down. what we're watching will be our next opportunity for seeing some showers but really just one location around the bay area seeing that. as we go through the week we'll have a full look at that forecast coming up in a few minutes. right now it is sunday evening in russia. this, a live picture of course of the olympic flame. after a rough start to the weekend, today team usa is again counting on olympic veterans to beef up that medal count. no medal round in men's hockey yet but after an emotional shootout win over the home team yesterday, there is no rest for the weary. the weary americans are back in action today in sochi. jay gray has more from olympic park. >> they're just so smooth and effortless. >> reporter: after a dominant performance in the team figure
7:34 am
skating competition, salvaging a bronze for team usa, meryl davis and charlie white are heavy favorites to dance their way to gold in the individual competition that starts tonight. >> we feel very comfortable in the rink. we've skated in it several times now and feeling excited to get out there again. >> reporter: back on the mountain, bode miller and ted ligety lead a u.s. team looking for the medal stand in the men's super g. kind of a mix between the downhill and slalom. miller won silver in the event four years ago in vancouver. and the two-man bobsledders start their push to glory and cold today, with the jamaican team back in the mix for the first time in more than a decade. >> i'm happy that i came back out of retirement. this is what i was missing and it was a part of me so that's why i ran back to it. >> reporter: the u.s. men's hockey team hopes to keep their olympic run alive. >> score! team usa wins! >> reporter: after a dramatic
7:35 am
shootout win against russia, the americans are back on the ice today taking on slovenia. jay gray, nbc news, sochi. san jose native and archbishop student polina edmunds says she is ready to go. the 15-year-old figure skater has arrived in sochi. she tweeted this photo. she's been training in austria leading up to the competition. polina also sent this photo of the olympic figure skating team in sochi. she said that she's ready to make her olympic debut coming up next week. >> now i'm here and i'm ready to go and i'm just super happy to be a participate in the games and i can't wait to show everyone in the crowd and the judges what i can do. >> edmunds first event will be the short program this wednesday with the free skate or long program coming up on thursday. the olympics are all about the athletes, but there is an immense support staff as well. among them hundreds of specially
7:36 am
trained doctors. stephanie chuang caught up with one bay area doctor at the games and found out what he says is the biggest risk. >> reporter: it's no secret the odds of becoming an olympian are slim. >> the united states wins a gold -- >> reporter: but that doesn't apply to just athletes. >> and they're going to add a silver as well. >> it's as hard for the medical personnel as it is for the athletes. >> reporter: jonathan finoff had to compete to go to the games as the u.s. team doctor. >> cream of the crop to go to the olympics. >> reporter: he's the director of medicine. he's with the ski team, a team  that he's accompanied about to smaller events. he describes it as training for team physicians. >> train four years and try to go to the olympics. >> reporter: once selected, the task at hand is fairly simple but packed with pressure. >> people train for decades in order to actually get a chance to go to the olympics. then when they go to the
7:37 am
olympics, even the smallest thing can ruin their chances, whether that's injuring their knee or a cold. >> reporter: he adds it's important to have sports medicine doctors on hand because they have dealt with one of the biggest and most pervasive injuries are all, concussions. >> you think about the downhill ski racers and they're going 70 and 80 miles an hour on an icy run. and so when you fall like that, it's like jumping out of a car onto the asphalt. it is that hard and that significant of an injury. >> reporter: team doctors volunteer their time to go to the olympics. he says the payoff comes in the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> american doctors are not licensed to practice medicine in russia, so they can take care of the athletes but if there's a more serious injury, they become advocates, making sure russian doctors are informed and delivering the best possible care. you can stay up to date on what's happening in sochi, sign up for our olympic news letter and you'll get updates directly
7:38 am
to your e-mail. go to and click on the sign up for sochi news button. now to some news back home. a developing story out of the east bay. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a burn victim at redwood regional park, that is in the oakland hills. park police found the person in the parking lot on skyline boulevard. that's the skyline gate entrance to the park. the area where the victim was discovered was above montclair. we just learned the person was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived on scene. they are trying to figure out the identical and gender. park police are working with oakland pd on the investigation. police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing outside of a brewery in hayward. officers responded around 12:30 yesterday morning. they encountered a man who had been stabbed and consequently who died on scene. we're told two other stabbing victims went to the hospital under their own will.
7:39 am
police have not yet released the name of the victim. wildlife officers in san francisco seized thousands of pounds of what's believed to be shark fins headed to bay area restaurants. this is a picture from the bust from last month. officials with the california department of fish and game said they followed the trail of shark fin soup, served in emeryville, back to the supplier. authorities say the business involved is quong yip. the ban was passed in 2011. >> they hardly keep them out of the water for any significant period of time, cut their finz off, dump the rest of the carcass back in the ocean. it's going to die a very slow an painful death. and for what? two very small fins that they can make soup out of. >> there's also a second group
7:40 am
suing to keep shark fin soup on the menu. that case is pending right now in federal court. kickstarter, the popular crowd funding site was hacked last week. the company sent an e-mail alert to all users saying that two users accounts were compromised and the hackers stole data in the breach. that stolen data did not include credit card information but encrypted passwords were taken. the site is recommending all users change their password immediately. nearly six million people have used kickstarter. home depot is looking to hire 1500 seasonal employees here in the bay area in ae anticipation of spring. across the country the home improvement store chain says it plans to hire 80,000 people. you can apply online if you're interested or at any store. new construction projects rose 18% last year. that is helping home depot's bottom line. coming up, we'll head to the big easy and check in to see how two warriors stars fared on all
7:41 am
star saturday. >> really good shape, though. wherever morning brings you,c bring the energy you need. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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7:43 on your sunday morning. a live picture from oracle arena in oakland where the golden state warriors looking to improve their western conference standing. a bit of a disappointing night for two warriors on all star saturday. steph curry, who was the odds-on favorite to win the three-point shooting contest did not get the job done. he needed 20 points to advance. he finished with a mere 16. he did not even advance past the first round. former warrior marco belinelli went on to win the event if you want to count that as any points for the warriors, go right ahead. harrison barnes representing the west with a double-pump two-handed slam. impressive. but here is your winner, john wall getting the crowd ampd ed .
7:44 am
he goes over his mascot, reverse slam. that was impressive. the east went on to take the dunk title. much more still to come. up next, just how much will california's visit to the central valley go toward solve our drought worries. larry gerston joins us to look at some of the plans being pondered. what solutions could be on the horizon? stay with us.
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7:46 am
president barack obama weighed in last friday on california's record drought with an offer of federal help, including $170 million in aid. standing in the central valley, the president said that california's problem is the nation's problem. now, how far did the president's gesture go towards actually solving the water crisis? that's the more important pressing question. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us with an assessment. photo op aside, how much good was actually accomplished by the
7:47 am
president's visit. >> honestly? >> don't lie to me. >> honestly, not a lot. really not a lot. everybody else knows you can't manufacture water, there's no recipe for that. it's either here or it's not. now, what the president did do, sam, is offer federal funds to farmers and farm workers who have no land to plow and no work to do and he also gave notice that his administration would do just about everything possible short of finding water. >> with the prolonged kind of debating back and forth about the farm bill, how much of this is ceremonial to show farmers in the central valley and elsewhere that the president and the administration has their back? >> well, there was some ceremony here. pomp, circumstance, you name it. of course it's showing a flag if you will, but the president has got to be there. along those lines there are a couple of ways to deal with this both here in the state of california and congress, each of which, by the way, has control of one of the major water systems in the state. so that's what we're looking at right now, to see where it goes.
7:48 am
but there's a lot more to go besides just saying everybody has got control. >> who's a bigger player there, ch which of those two entities could make more of a difference? >> the state probably not immediately because of these long-standing disputes between environmentalists and the farmers over the distribution of water. there's no question about that. environmentalists, they want to see ample supplies of water to go through the delta and protect the endangered species. farmers want much more of that fresh water to go directly to them, and that $45 billion farm economy, which is why the president was here. because it's affecting california as well as the nation. now, a compromise of sorts was developed with $11 billion water bond. that thing was pulled off the ballot twice because of the cost and the accusations of pork. so in the state, you know, there's an awful lot of standoff, if you will. >> congress, of course, has the power of the purse.
7:49 am
we talked about the fact that the president would like to see some $200 million or so given to california farmers in aid. what other financial help can the congress offer? >> once again we've got this fundamental disagreement, not only here but in congress. >> disagreement in congress? >> hard to believe. >> over what, money matters? >> how about everything. how about the day of the week. and certainly when is comes -- >> we agree on that. >> okay. but there's two bills awaiting action in congress. in the house, the california members, republicans, have pushed a bill to answer the crisis and bill consists of a couple of things. more water that would flow from the rivers directly to farmers. the end of the restoration of the san joaquin river, which is designed to provide more water for the delta and an end to really most epa protections of endangered species. now, not so in the senate. we've got another approach there. >> that latter part, if i may interrupt for a second, is kind of nominal? they're talking about epa protection when in fact it wouldn't even really apply to
7:50 am
what's happening right now. >> well, the problem is a lot of these things don't apply right now. they're long term and that's where our thinking has never been really straight. >> so is it an ideological measure then? this seems to be open season for getting something like that passed? >> with respect to the house, absolutely. why? they want to take away the power of the federal government and give more power to the private sector. that's what that's all about in the end. but you've got the senate approach and that's the other side of those things. there the democrats led by barbara boxer, and she's the chair of the environmental protection committee, and dianne feinstein, they have a different approach. they would say, look, drought relief in terms of speeding up environmental reviews of water projects, giving the state and federal officials more flexibility in moving water and $300 million for water conservation projects. so clearly there is just little disagreement here. they're going at these things from two different ways. >> you mentioned the $11 billion bonds that could be in the
7:51 am
offing. we'll see what happens. but explain to our viewership, we live next to an ocean. why is it so difficult this notion that-week-o we could max the water that's right next door. >> desal nation works. san diego has been working on one. there was talk of one near santa cruz. but what tends to happen with these plants, first of all, you've got to find a place where people will accept it. there's all kinds of things that go on. water being piped in and piped out. the environment changes. and while everybody wants to see it, nobody wants it in their backyard. it's like nuclear power plants. until we get to a situation where people are desperate enough to be willing to go along with that kind of thing, those things, and they're expensive are will just have to stay off. >> there's nothing to help us immediately right now? >> in the short term, no.
7:52 am
look for something close to the senate version to come out of congress, but once again they're not going to manufacture water. that's all there is to it. but the real answers, the real answers come from things like short-term ways to conserve even more water than we've done and the long-term approach in terms of water storage. and the other word for that is dams. >> we're going to pray and hope that the religious community here continues to pray because that seemed to work the last time. thank you very much, larry. it's good to have you on set and we'll be right back with more news.
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7:54 am
welcome back. still waiting for skies to clear around san jose. you've got low-level clouds, partly cloudy right now. 51 degrees. but now mostly sunny in san francisco, a beautiful view looking off to the north, golden gate bridge, marin county and the sunshine and 51 degrees. a sunny day around the bay yare with just partly cloudy skies. 40s and 50s outside right now though up in the north bay we do have some fog this morning which is still bringing our visibilities down to just about a mile or so. you're seeing some of that in napa right now, just over one mile visibility.
7:55 am
great visibility in san francisco over towards oakland. down towards livermore, still seeing patchy fog there around the tri-valley near your 580 commute and low clouds around santa cruz. we should see clearing out by the coast as north winds begin to pick up. rainfall totals from the last 12 hours or so, not all that impressive. anything is better than nothing, i suppose, but look from san rafael into san francisco and san jose, all locations picking up less than a tenth of an inch of rain and you could see a few more. los gatos 0.04 of an inch and down around selenas, we picked up just under a ten have the an inch of rain. the wind is pushing low clouds through the south bay. it will take some time for the moisture to clear away from san jose. snow showers in the sierra, we've had 4 to 6 inches of new snow above 6,000 feet, so your travel plans in the sierra looking pretty good. what does not look so good is the opportunity for more rain coming up over the next four
7:56 am
days. the moisture moving on away from san jose, mostly sunny skies. we should see it out on the coast too with just high clouds passing by to the north as we head towards tomorrow morning. patchy fog the main issue weatherwise as we get back to presidents day for tomorrow and also tuesday morning fog will bow a bit of an issue. but the storm track unfortunately still too far off to the north. by tuesday night and wednesday, we're looking at mainly here northern sonoma county or actually closer to mendocino county, better chance of seeing rain for wednesday then. high pressure will build in and so the storm track will go further off to the north. so we're looking at clear skies and our temperatures towards the end of the seven-day forecast, you may notice, climbing. mid to upper 60s, likely, as we head toward next weekend. so around the south bay today, low 60s. it will take some time for those clouds to clear around san jose, morgan hill, but you've got the sunshine already in san francisco. upper 50s to low 60s today. north bay looking pretty nice once the patchy fog clears and
7:57 am
napa should see low 60s. mid-60s out towards the tri-valley today. a little cooler as we get into tomorrow for your presidents day weekend plans, notice if you're traveling towards the sierra, temperatures climbing up a little around reno. pretty nice with sunshine around santa cruz. snow showers will be wrapping up in the sierra the next couple of hours. if you missed the powerball drawing yesterday, you don't have to worry. you still have a shot at the multi-million jackpot. lottery officials say no one won yesterday's drawing, now raising the bar to $400 million. it is an enticing pot and that next drawing, if you are interested, is this wednesday. unfortunately, the odds not so great. another jam-packed day of competition in sochi still lies ahead. our olympic coverage begins at 3:00 with men's cross country relay and women's snowboarding. then at 7:00, it's figure skating, followed boy men's alpine skiing with americans ted ligety and bode miller both chasing the gold. rob, we know that we have some
7:58 am
ground to make up. it would be nice to get some golds today. >> it would be. it would be. i like the competition out there tonight. >> he likes it. we'll see how well they actually perform. that starts at 3:00. then we'll see you at 6:30. thank you for making us a part of your morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
jo from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good sunday morning. a live picture from sochi, russia, and the winter olympics where the temperature hit 64 degrees on friday. these games could end up being the warmest winter olympics ever. i call it the spring olympics to be clear. a different story here, of course. even more snow in the northeast as much of the country struggles to cope with one of the worst winters in recent history, power outages, flights canceled, deadly road conditions to go along with it all of it.


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